Tupperware’s Chain of Confidence Challenge – give thanks to that special woman in your life


Tupperware is proud to kick-off the Chain of Confidence Challenge, a ‘pay-it-forward’ contest which invites everyone to share their personal stories of inspiration on ChainofConfidence.com by nominating a friend, relative, or member of the Tupperware community, who has empowered them through an act of kindness.  This challenge is committed to reinforcing strong bonds between all women, young and old, by giving thanks and attention to those special women in our support networks.  At challenge end, three nominees will receive $5,000 to donate to  the charity of their choice.

The Chain of Confidence challenge is part of a larger global campaign celebrating the powerful bonds of female friendships and the rewards that come with self-confidence. Through Chain of Confidence and partnerships with likeminded organizations around the world, Tupperware continues to build on its 60-year commitment to enlighten, educate and empower women.

As part of Chain of Confidence, Tupperware re-established the SMART Girls program at the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, with a donation of over $1.5 million dollars. This program is dedicated to promoting confidence and healthy lifestyles for young girls, and ensures the next generation of women is given the same chance at confidence.

The Chain of Confidence Challenge kicks off on May 14 and runs through August 14. You can enter two categories:
(1) How has a Friend/Relative inspired you through their acts of kindness?
(2)How has a Tupperware Consultant/Director inspired you through their acts of kindness?

TO ENTER – Visit ChainofConfidence.com and submit an essay about how your friend, relative or fellow Tupperware Consultant (“nominee”) has inspired you in 1,500 characters or less. You may also submit with your entry, optional photograph(s) of your nominee only and/or an optional video depicting your entry.

WINNERS – Three winners will be announced, one for each category and one ‘Viewers Choice’ winner will be chosen by votes on ChainofConfidence.com. A $5000 donation will be given in each winner’s name to a selected charity. Each winning pair (nominator and nominee) receives a Tupperware gift card valued at $1,000.

For more detailed information and official rules, please go here.

Thank You for entering someone who empowered you and had changed your life!

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