Where Is Flight MH370? – My Theories  #MH370

Where Is Flight MH370? – My Theories #MH370

picture courtesy of wikipedia.

picture courtesy of wikipedia.

It has been 14 days now since Flight MH370 has disappeared, gone, off radar, with no trace, or hardly any trace of where it might be. It is a harrowing ordeal for the families involved, and quite scary for everyone else. As families wait for answers, and as the governments seek the jet’s whereabouts there have been so many theories floating around about where it might be. Also all of the pun-dents in the media take guesses and use their knowledge from history to take stabs at what might have happened. People everywhere are talking about it, it is an International topic of discussion. And there are many many crazy (in my opinion) suggestions of what may have happened.

As I think about this plane, and Pray that there might be some hope that it might be somewhere sorta safe, and that the passengers are safe for the most part, I have come up with a list of my own theories about the missing 777.

My theories are:

  • The passengers thought it would be fun to play “Where’s Waldo” with the plane. Deciding to land the plane and quickly paint it with red and white stripes, then watching all of the coverage on TV of everyone looking for it.
  • The plane has landed on a deserted island because the passengers wanted to play an impromptu series of “Survivor, Gilligan’s Island“.
  • The plane WAS taken by an UFO after all there WERE 2 (illegal) aliens on it (from Iran).
  • ET was on the plane and decided he wanted to “Phone Home”, when he did “Mama ET” told him he’d better get his Extra-Terrestrial  butt home, so he just took the whole aircraft and left.
  • All of the passengers bought their tickets through Priceline and it made William Shatner so happy, he said, “Beam me up, Scotty”, and in a beam of light they were all transported to an unknown planet where there aren’t any intelligent life forms that can contact Earth so we can find them.
  • What plane?, this is all a hoax, there never was a missing plane, this is all a figment of our imagination, or a horrible nightmare. Pretty soon you can read about it on snopes as an Urban Legend.
  • The plane never took off, it is parked in a hanger at the Malaysian airport, the pilots just forgot to tell someone.
  • You know how they say to turn off your cell phones and electronic devices because it could interfere with the plane’s technical instruments? Well “Joe Doe” JUST HAD to send that one last text!
  • The great David Copperfield was trying out his Vanishing magic again, and absent-mindedly forgot the magic word on getting it back, now he has to look up in the book of magic how to get it to reappear.
  • Kuala Lumpur is never in the news and felt left out so they had to come up with a huge story so everyone would learn about their country. Haven’t you learned so much about that whole area, more than you ever needed to know? Guess the wild goose hunt stunt worked.
  • A higher power (God?) was playing airplanes again and he put that one away instead of putting it back where it was to land.
  • God’s way of getting 26 countries to work cooperatively together for one common good?
  • Harry Potter was practicing spells again with his magic wand. He must’ve used the, “Evanesco“spell by accident. Maybe he can get a wiser wizard to create a counter-spell for him, and summon the plane back to Earth?
  • The plane was actually a product of the Lansinarian Morphing Disk, gifted to Boeing by the Lansinarians. This was identical to the one that could be transformed into an invisible plane like they gave to Wonder Woman.

OR my final one:

  • Just like Amelia Earhart ‘s plane got lost in the Bermuda Triangle , there is another spot that hasn’t been known until now called the “Malaysian Mexagon”where strange events happen and where things disappear into the unknown.

I do not know for sure what happened to it but my theories are as good as anyone else’s so far(and some I think are better).  I am still praying for the passengers to come out of this situation alive and well. I am trying to be optimistic. At the same time, I am sooooo tired of hearing all of these “specialists” playing guessing games on the news! That is the reason why I wrote this post. To point out how ridiculous some of their theories sound, and these are supposed to be people who are experienced and educated on these situations.

I can only imagine (and don’t want to imagine) how the families of the passengers must feel. Getting their hopes up just to have them shot down again! It is horrible how they keep broadcasting that they have “credible information” that satellites show them, or people may see. How credible can it be, when so far up to now, (two weeks after the disappearance of this aircraft) not one, Nada, Zero, Zip,  Zilch. has produced anything! Why keep repeatedly saying this? And so far, none of their theories have panned out. Leaving people less hopeful each and every time they have “Breaking News” about this. It is just so frustrating. Why can’t people wait for the facts before causing the families even more anguish? It is understandable how they are becoming so outraged, more and more everyday, with every “new breakthrough” and every new update from the government. How discouraging!

I think for now I will just Pray and keep my hopes alive until I hear they actually have a piece of the plane, or a live passenger report, or something to prove the credibility of their news story. I am taking a “I’ll believe it when I see it” approach to the developments about this. I think it is great that they are following up on any leads they find, I agree that this is the least the government’s can do until they do find the plane.

I hope that the families can stay strong, hold onto their Faith, and be able to bear whatever the outcome will be. I feel that they deserve for the “credible information” to be checked and rechecked before being told about something that turns out to be nothing. Why can’t the families just be told that they are checking every clue that comes in, but not given these false alarms,that change daily, leaving families with a roller coaster of emotions?

Until then, let me know what your theory(ies) are in my comments. I would love to hear what other people think. And help me understand how you have come to the conclusion you have arrived at. If you don’t have a theory of your own, please feel free to leave me a comment about how you feel from all of this confusion?


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8 Responses to Where Is Flight MH370? – My Theories #MH370

  1. What plane?, this is all a hoax, there never was a missing plane, this is all a figment of our imagination, or a horrible nightmare. <—– I'm starting to wonder! Jokes aside, I seriously hope they do find the plane to help bring closure to the families and friends of the people who were on it. I have never been on plane myself, but stuff like this makes me feel even more apprehensive about getting on one! :(
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  2. Beth, I can’t imagine either what those families are going through. This whole thing just feels like such a mess, and we keep hearing all these different stories. I keep hoping and praying that somehow the passengers and crew are alive, just waiting to be found somewhere…. none of it makes any sense at all.

    I’ve been glued to the news with this story; the Australian woman whose husband left his watch and wedding ring for her to give to their boys if something happened to him…. heart wrenching. I watched her being interviewed one night, and she was just clinging to his wedding ring the entire interview. So, so sad. But it puts a real face to the tragedy of this mixed up, horrible ordeal.
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  3. Amy G says:

    These are so funny!

    I just think the whole thing is crazy. I don’t see how it can just be lost!

  4. Ben says:

    Good point. The truth is NO ONE knows what happened until they find some wreckage. Even then, they may not know the entire truth.

  5. Holly says:

    I have no idea where the plane is or would be. I just feel bad for the families who are at a loss with no closure.

  6. ashley says:

    I really did not follow the story from the beginning, I just caught news clips here and there and I am starting to wonder if it didn’t land. I’ve always been afraid to fly, but after 9/11 and this, it makes me think twice about getting on an airplane.

  7. The ONLY good thing I can say about this mess is that there are numerous countries working together… that may not usually be inclined to do so. Hopefully they find it, or at least find out what happened.

  8. Nikki says:

    The whole story has been bit out there. I mean, how on earth, in this day and time, does an airplane just disappear? I personally think that there’s some sort of cover up going on. I feel sorry for all of the people who are having to wonder where their loved ones are….

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