On Monday I received a great package in the mail. It was 1000 business cards, a hat with “my lady” on it and a T-shirt with “my lady” on it too. I also received a sticky note pad with my name on it. The cards are super great, nice quality. I loved the fact that I was able to create them all  myself and are unique to me. It was very fun to create them. They have my lady from my blog on them. They are super cute ! My T-shirt is so soft and wonderfully big sized. And the hat is uber cute ! I will be wearing these at the BlogHer conference in Chicago. And passing out the business cards (don’t forget to get one from me) The shipping was super fast too.  I was thoroughly pleased with them !! Vistaprint is always having sales and even has free stuff.  A HUGE thanks to Vistaprint for sponsoring my business cards and other “The Plus Size Mommy”. Go and Check out Vistaprint today for all of your printing needs.

Vistaprint is also on Twitter !!! Follow them for updates on deals and great news.

THANK YOU Vistaprint for your wonderful Sponsorship!

– To order your business items or personalized items from Vistaprint. Just click here : VISTAPRINT and go onto their website. Browse around to find what type of items you would like, either T- shirts, business cards, hats, pens, etc.. and then place your order. Ordering is super easy. The Vistaprint site walks you through the entire process step by step. You can also go back and make changes too. It is very user friendly. I do believe that they do give discounts as you order larger quantities as well. Their prices are VERY good.

The Plus Size Mommy

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  1. hey that’s great, do Vistaprint offers some discount ! if i want to order a huge unique printed T-shirts ? it would be great if you explain more about it and how to proceed further for it.

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