Heartfelt Advice To New Mothers And Fathers From A Seasoned Mother Of Four

Upset over a cranky baby, toddler, or child; feel like you don’t have 1 minute to yourself? Can’t get anything done around the house -
Welcome (AGAIN) to motherhood!!! This too shall pass!! don’t worry one day when they are teens and never want to be around or go away to college or the military, you will look back and WISH For them to want to be there crying on you, or needing you every moment. don’t look at these few years as bad years you cannot stand because you don’t have a second to yourself; instead cherish that these smallish children need their mama so much and love you and need you for their every need. Because in no time at all you will be crying cause they “won’t need you anymore”. I would give anything right now for my teens (Xavier and Zachary) to be babies again and not be leaving in a couple years and maybe be home on holidays. It devastates me. Just hug and hold her and be with her as much as you can now. I know I wish for that so many times now from my babies; even though they are 16 & 14.
And to those of you who can’t get your home clean or organized? – ┬áDon’t worry it probably won’t be a perfect looking home until your children are older or maybe gone. A good friend of mine once told me it scares her to go into a perfectly clean and organized home when she knows there are children living there. If you cannot get everything done in a day; remember even God couldn’t get everything done in 1 day. Spend time with your kids- that’s what’s more important right now than a perfect home. Cause when they are grown up and gone- you can never get that time with them back again; but you sure will have tons of time to clean and organize.
~ The Plus Size Mommy
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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Love this. All of it and love you!
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