The Age of the Plus Size Model ?

Recently in the news a lot is being heard on the topic of plus size models hitting the scene in magazines, ads, and on television. There is a debate on what a plus size model is or isn’t that is the lively topic of a lot of talk shows and news stories.

Well, I am an expert about being plus size, I have been plus size most of my life, from back when I was a very young age, of 9 I can remember being plus size (for my age). I have struggled with my weight all along and even still today, struggle, but with a mush different optimism in my mind.

You see, I no longer let my weight be the ruler of me. It is what it is and I go on with life. My insides matter most. Yes, people see me and think oh my goodness, look at that fat lady, I am sure of this. And don’t get me wrong, I am not happy with my weight, and state of my health, and I think about it a lot. But I do not let it stop me from being who I am and what I do, for the most part.

I used to let it stop me. I used to let people get the best of me when people would call me names all throughout school. These people obviously ONLY could see the outer me and not my beautiful insides. Today more and more people are able to see the REAL me, and accept me for who I am. With more and more people struggling with weight and with obesity being at a very high rate. More and more people are understanding my struggle and going through it as well.

There are a lot of people in fact now that I see who weren’t plus size through out school, but I see them now, and they are where I am, so it does catch up to you if your not careful about what you eat and how you exercise (or the lack of).

What I wish people who are debating over all of this what is a good number to call plus size for models. And whether or not there should even be plus size models. What I wish they would go by, is not the number of size, but peoples beauty given to them from a higher power. Their inner beauty. When it comes to age, people often use “age ain’t nothing but a number”, then why do they have to go by the number when it comes to modeling and size clothing you wear? Why can’t models be judged by inner beauty and personality. I understand that it has to do with well, you cannot tell that in pictures. But I believe you can.

If a woman or man is confident, and feels great about themselves, it radiates through and

The beauty shines through. In pictures, in ads, commercials, in everything they do.

It totally shouldn’t go by any size. And shame on the modeling companies who do go by size. And a huge HORRAY to the companies who are coming out and seeing the need for the reality of how people really are and the way of the world today. And for taking the initial steps to change these outdated ways of ONLY using a size 4.

If they want to sell clothes or products, a beautiful, voluptuous, self confident woman with graceful curviness and a beautiful smile and the attitude you can pick up from her face with a proudness of flaunting what she has on and looking REAL can totally sell me any day. And if this means she is a size 4, then it is great, but if she is a size 24 this is fantastic to me too.

The Plus Size Mommy

* and by the way the photo at the top of the page.. “Model contestant Miranda Day poses during the Plus-Size Model Search Grand Final” in Sydney Australia, and umm she don’t look too “plus size” to me ? what do you think?*

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