StickyBits VS. AT & T Code Scanner’s  (SPON)

StickyBits VS. AT & T Code Scanner’s (SPON)

I recently was given a task to preform, to try two of the QR/UPC code app’s on my iPhone and compare them. Here is my synopsis of both, what I liked, disliked, thought could be better, etc. comparing these 2 app’s.



This is a very enjoyable app. It is FREE which is wonderful. It is fun to scan with, however it can be “picky” at times and you have to have whatever your scanning with the code upright to be able to scan it.
There are prizes you can win by scanning certain items. Each time you scan something you get points and you also get points for “liking” or Being “liked” with your scans. When you first goto the app on your phone, there is a Promo and Rewards bar that you can click on to see what prizes you can win and by scanning what item(s).

(Me scanning an item at Kmart)

(and what did I scan? Duracell Batteries)

You can write a mini review of the product you scan. Also, you can be followed or follow others on this app so you can see what everyone else is up to and vice versa.
Another thing I really like is that you can create your own code with StickyBits. So, say your at a craft fair and you have crafts for sale, you can place a StickyBits code tag on your craft items, so when people would scan it they can see what your charging, or what materials it is made out of, or you can even put your info. on it, so if the person would like to get back in touch with you to buy more crafts from you, your info. can be attached to the code and all they have to do is scan it.

(me scanning Barbie Fashionista’s from Mattell)

(me with the Barbie I scanned)

This is also great to use on business cards, or name tags.
I was thinking it would be really fun at like a school reunion to have everyone’s name tag with their info. on it, then if you get stumped on who someone is, all you would have to do is scan their code to refresh your memory ;)

There is also a Leaderboard so you can see where you “place” within your group of StickyBit friends and compete with them, or take a look at their scans, etc.
Currently I am #1 within my group of pals and I have 5171 points and 66 scans. (how exciting)
You can also post reviews, things you “heart” , idea’s, and other things to your friends wall as well.
I like this also to share deals while I am in the store. So, one of my recent scans was of Barbie and they were on sale for $6.99 at Kmart. Which I consider a great deal. So I scanned it, and let other’s know about this great deal.

Overall, Stickybits is really fun to use, I love the beep noise it makes when it scans. I don’t like how “picky” it can be or the slowness of it. I also realized that a lot of items I scanned were never scanned before or weren’t in the system because many things I scanned would not come up. I also had a few things I scanned that ended up with not so nice info. attached. This was a turn down to me using this. It is wonderful when it works good, but not when you get a dirty message come up on a scan you do. I think they should have a way to better monitor these things from happening and delete them.

(Me scanning plastic bins)

Now time to switch apps and try out the AT & T code scanner.

AT & T Scanner App

The AT&T Code Scanner reads UPC, QR and Data Matrix barcodes that you find on products, in ads or on-line, allowing you to compare product prices, read product reviews, view mobile web sites and video clips, get coupons and discounts or learn more about your favorite products.

I really like this app because it can scan more than just barcodes. It also gives you more pertinent info. that the StickyBits does. For instance it can tell you where the best deal is for the product you scan, so you will know if something at Lowe’s is a better deal than say at Home Depot. Also, it will compare prices on the web, like from Amazon, to let you know where you can find the best deal.
Also, they often give you coupons for items. There are also some games that you can scan a code and try and win items. I had used this app at Subway to scan my fountain drink cup to play a game to try and win free subways for a year. I didn’t win, but it was fun trying.
You can also create a code on this app as well.

(Me scanning an infant play gym using the AT & T Scanner)

(Me holding the Play Gym)

I didn’t find this app as “picky” as the StickyBits one. And the scanning was much quicker.
Many hotels, newspapers, and storefronts have the QR and Data Matrix code you can scan. There are even QR codes on the lottery tickets in my state (PA) where I can scan a scratch off ticket to see if I won or not.

My overall thought is that I like both scanners. The StickyBits seems more fun and the AT & T scanner seems more likely to be used when you really need to find deals and/or info. on things. There are review capabilities on both App’s and you can follow others and give suggestions.

(Me scanning a children’s book)

I think more and more places and companies/brands are going to be putting these type of codes on their products so you can for instance, find ingredients, or get recipes you can make with a certain product. Hotels will use it so that before you walk in the door, you will know what the rates are or room availability. Places like Subway will use it for contests. Magazines will be using them to give the reader more options for finding more info. on certain topics.

(Me scanning a big box of Huggies diapers)

These seem to be the new craze and they are fun and can provide a great wealth of information. I think they are here to stay, and since they are so easy to use/and create they will be popping up on more and more things and you will start seeing a lot more of these codes.

(Oh the possibilities of all the items you can scan!)

How do you feel about them? Do you use a scanner app ? If so, which one? What do you like about the app you use?
I would love to hear your feedback on these for my own personal knowledge and also to educate other’s on what the best one’s are out there.

Happy Scanning!
The Plus Size Mommy

Disclosure – I am being compensated for this post from Collective Bias. The reviews of both scanner app’s are strictly my own honest opinions.

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  4. Nice write-up, Beth! I’m still experimenting with different apps and have found that each offers up a different benefit. Stickybits is fun and easy to use – and gives the opportunity to add links to my blog posts if I review a product. I like the interface of Barcode Hero better than Stickybits but it doesn’t give the option to add personal URLs.

    Others that I use are strictly for price comparisons and review lookups (IE Amazon).

    It’s fun to see all of them popping up though because each one that hits the market helps the existing ones improve!
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    Thank you Nicole! I am still checking out others as well.

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    Great Review. I just may have to check stickybits out again.

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    Thank you Melissa :)
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