Bellybuds – For Unborn Babies Listening Pleasure*

With all the “new age” baby stuff that is on the market now, its hard not to want to try everything- especially the different devices to stimulate your baby in the womb. My little man seems to LOVE music.. and by love I mean practice breakdancing in my uterus.

I was out to dinner with my mom and aunt when the music started blaring, as soon as the thumps kicked in from the bass, the baby immediately reacted. He was moving around so much that my aunt was able to feel him for the first time. There have been many other instance here and there where the music has been blasting and it instantaneously jump started the baby to “bust a move” which is why as soon as I heard about theBellybuds, I wanted in.

Bellybuds are wearable speakers (bellyphones) that can be plugged right into my ipod (or any mp3 player). The best part is the Bellybuds come with a device that allows me to plug in my earphones in too… so baby and I can listen to music at the same time. The speakers have a hydrogel adhesive that sticks right to my belly. I prefer to use the speakers right on my belly, but you can definitely attach them over your clothes. There are 2 cords, you use 1 if you just want baby to hear and you use the second one if you would also like to listen. Set up takes about 10 seconds and is SOOOO easy!

While many moms-to-be talk about playing Beethoven and Mozart, I’m more of a contemporary– we’ll say “hip” mom– and would much rather have a little Dave Matthews Band, Pink, Rascal Flatts, Sons of Leon, etc.Yes my baby boy rocks out to Guns N’ Roses and will be able to recognize The Beatles songs at birth. I’m a firm believer in music diversity and I’m able to pass along my passion for music before he is even here with these Bellybuds!!

BEST PART !!! As you all know, my in-laws live about 15 hours away and my sister is away at college (needless to say, not hangin’ home unless she’s on break). With this nifty little device, anyone can record a message and send it to me, then I upload into my ipod and play the message for the baby! Its like they are right here with him and I’m sure he will be able to recognize their voices even though they aren’t talking to me everyday.

I’m traveling for business and will be away from my husband for a few days, which is such a bummer. This trip we were able to record his voice and upload it so while I’m sitting in my hotel room (or on the plane) we can still hear his voice!! They came with a cute little pouch that easily stores the buds on their “dock”. I would definitely recommend anyone who is a big music lover OR has relatives out of state to test these puppies out!

Some info from Bellybuds:
– A stylish and convenient way to bond with your baby in utero, while at home or on the go

-Bellybuds have a fixed, maximum sound level strong enough to penetrate to the womb. They reach the baby at a decibel level roughly equivalent to a casual conversation and lower than a mother’s heartbeat.

– Easily stored in the included “dock” and placed in the accompanying pouch for portability and safe keeping.

– The bellybuds bellyphones Deluxe Pack is an excellent pregnancy or baby shower gift and is available for suggested retail price of $49.99

POSTED BY :  Carissa Ferrucci- Beam – Cheif Writer/Editor Of All Things Baby & Mommy to Be

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*Disclosure: This item was sent to me for review

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