Raisels – Fruity Raisins

Raisels – Fruity Raisins

Are you looking for a NEW snack that is healthy for your child and fun to eat ? I have been sent to review the perfect product. They are called Raisels.

Raisels are a new snack that is healthier alternative to candy from the National Raisin Company. They are fruity flavored raisins. They are 100% real fruit.

They can be found in your grocery stores dried fruit section. And are at the following stores : Walgreens, Target (Market Pantry), Dollar General, Food Maxx, Price Chopper, Wegmans, Weiss, and on Amazon to name a few places.

You can also look for them on “Balancing Act” on Lifetime Network. Also they are on Twitter and Facebook.

They come in flavors such as Sour Apple, Sour Orange, Sour Lemon, and Sour Peach. And coming soon will be Watermelon.
They are a snack that can be taken anywhere as they come in 1.25 oz. Portion Controlled Packaging. Their number 1 ingredient is Real Fruit, They are made with real golden raisins. And they also have 100% Vitamin C daily allowance per serving. They are also rich in antioxidants. They have no fat or cholesterol. They have no artificial sweeteners and no sodium.

My Review:
I decided to have my daughter who is 5 take the Raisels into her pre-school on her snack day. This way, I could see how all the 5 yr. olds in her class liked them.
I was happy to see that they don’t have any tree nut or nut product safety issues on them, as there is a little girl in her class that has an allergy. I wasn’t able to take pictures of the kids, but they really enjoyed the Raisels. They liked that they were something new to eat, and they tasted great.
The teachers were happy to see that it was a nutritious snack, because unless it is a child’s birthday they ask that parents bring in something nutritious. And I was excited to hear that the results of the class of 14 children really liked their snack. One of the parents even asked me where to buy some because her son liked them so much.

I would conclude to say they were a hit with the children and adults alike. And my daughter who is 5 and her sister who is 2 both like them a lot. So I know we will be buying more.

Learn more by visiting : www.raisels.com

Happy Snacking!

The Plus Size Mommy

Disclosure- I was sent Raisels to review as part of my relationship with Team Mom. They were sent at no cost to me. All opinions and idea’s for Raisels are my own honest opinions.

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    Are you looking for a NEW snack that is healthy for your child and fun to eat ? I hav… http://bit.ly/hvDkzv

  7. It’s really cool manufacturers start producing snacks based on pure fruit. I really prefer eating dried fruits instead of other snacks.

  8. These are such great snacks and perfect for trips out in summer when the weather is hot and they can sit all day in the stroller and still be just as nice to eat after a long day in the sun.
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  9. thalasso says:

    MMmmm miam miam slurp !!
    It looks very good ! :)
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  10. Mindy says:

    thank you for sharing. Really thank you so much… Very informative post..!!

  11. Almost all children loves to eat the same type of food and if Raisels were liked by the kids this packet is going to be famous. I’m also very particular about what I give to the kids but the ingredient used in Raisels sounds completely safe.

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