Do you Do the 5-Second Rule?* (WIN)

Ahh the mighty 5-second rule. Yep, we use it at our home (MOST of the time). Although lately I am thinking renewed stipulations are needed to be told to my children ;)

This came about when my 10 yr. old son was eating spaghetti with meatball’s one night a couple weeks ago, and well, we all know the song…and then my poor meatball fell down to the floor, rolled out the door, and became a spaghetti tree?

NOT HERE…. Nope, after my son’s meatball fell onto the floor he picked it up, and popped it back into his mouth, before anyone could even say a word and ate it ! YUCK, yea, I know…I was so grossed out, he didn’t even look at it to see if any dirt was on it! ICK, I still gag thinking about it. But to a boy of age 10, this was most cool and funny. NOTTT!

So, I ask…Do you incorporate the 5 second rule in your home ?

I mean, if it is like a piece of something that the chance of something sticking to it is slim, I don’t mind, but a sauce covered meatball, this is where I draw the line, lol

A few days ago, I was asked to work with Clorox again on a campaign with Samantha Bee (From the  “Daily Show”). She discussed the 5 sec. rule , you can read more about it here :


I am able to offer you a Clorox Gift pack values at $20 with a variety of Clorox Products!

You can enter Just by sharing with us your favorite funny 5-sec. rule story. The guidelines are below to enter to win ;)

  • Do you or someone in your family follow the 5-second rule? – comment and tell us who uses it and with what ? = 1 entry
  • Who’s more likely to follow the 5-second rule in your house? – comment and tell us who and if anyone is against it, tell that too! = 1 entry
  • What are the most popular items to 5-second rule? – comment and tell what are the top 5 items where the 5 sec. rule is used on most frequently = 1 entry
  • Do you have a funny 5-second rule story? – comment with your funny story = 1 entry
  • Thinking about Sam Bee’s style, what’s your parenting style? – comment and tell us how you parent = 1 entry
  • Share a picture or funny video with us (send a link) of someone using the 5 sec. rule – comment with a link to the photo or video = 5 entries !!!!

This contest starts NOW and will end on Feb.  9th, 2010 at 8PM EST. Winners will be posted to this site. As with all giveaways winner MUST be a subscriber to this site, either via subscription or through Facebook feed. Winner will be posted to this site by Feb. 10th, 2010. Winner will have 48 hours to email me to claim their prize.

Have fun with this, I am sure this can generate a lot of funny stories and photo’s, I would love to hear them and share them.

There is MORE… Here are some other bloggers who are also holding the giveaway of the Clorox Prize pack, so you can visit their blogs and have even MORE chances to win!

Thank you to all who enter and Good Luck !!!

The Plus Size Mommy

*Please note, stories, video’s, and photo’s may be posted to the Clorox  Facebook page*

*I am being compensated via giftcard for this post*

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30 Responses to Do you Do the 5-Second Rule?* (WIN)

  1. Sara P. says:

    No – if it falls on the floor, it goes in the trash. Period! (With three cats and a carpet-covered dining room floor, this is a MUST!)

  2. Sara P. says:

    If it were allowed, my five year old would be the most willing to use the 5 second rule! My husband and I won’t eat anything that falls on the floor. My one year old doesn’t have a choice – he can’t eat what falls on the floor!

  3. Sara P. says:

    Top five things for the 5 second rule:

    1: pancakes
    2: toast
    3: chicken
    4: fork – pick it up and use it without cleaning it off
    5: cookies

  4. Sara P. says:

    I am a strict mom (not that it does much good) – I would love to be more laid back and easy going, but I am not.

  5. Cat says:

    Oh gosh, my toddler is such a 5 second rule kid…more like a 5 minute rule but she doesn’t seem to care what she drops on the ground or where and still eats. The girl is faster than my fingers most times too. She once dropped an oreo right in a puddle in front of the house…yep, ate it right up before I could gasp in horror.
    .-= Get Plus Size Love =-.

  6. theplus says:

    love the Oreo story, hilarious ! I think that beats the meatball, lol

  7. [New Post] Do you Do the 5-Second Rule?* (WIN) – via @twitoaster

  8. [New Post] Do you Do the 5-Second Rule?* (WIN) – via @twitoaster

  9. Do you Do the 5-Second Rule?* (WIN) | The Plus Size Mommy

  10. Tania Misscrabbypants says:

    My little guy is the one to use the five second rule and I am not too strict with it either. The only time I absolutely cancel out the rule is when we are outside or in public. I know my floors. Other floors? Not so much.
    It took a while for my little guy to understand this as we were out for a family get together and my little guy dropped his wad of gum onto the grass and picked it up, blew on it and to my mother in laws horror, plopped it back into his mouth. It had grass and stuff on it. *ick I was trying to get him to open his mouth and spit it out as dirt was running down his chin and he was crying because he wanted his gum all the while my mother in law was tellinghim how icky that was when he spat it out and said, “But mom you said it was okay if we blew on it first!”
    Talk about embarrasment!

  11. Tania Misscrabbypants says:

    My little guy uses the 5 secind rule with pretty much anything but mostly,
    cookies, candy and spoons/forks.

  12. Tania Misscrabbypants says:

    My mother in law is against the five second rule. If something hits the ground it is trashed or if it’s reuseable, i.e utensils, they are sterilized!

  13. Tania Misscrabbypants says:

    Top 5 list

    Lolipops (i know ick)

  14. Madonna says:

    In my house, there is a 6 month old mini pin and shes fast as lightning. You wouldn’t stand a chance on anything dropped. She catches it as it falls and it never hits the floor.
    .-= Get Plus Size Love =-.

  15. Sky says:

    You know, we have a dog,so if it’s not snatched up by her within 5 seconds something is wrong. LOL I scrub floors almost everyday, so I’m confident that things would be okay, but I figure it’s just a bonus treat for the dog. Ha!

  16. denise says:

    We do not use the 5 second rule on anything. I have a son with a chronic illness and we cannot take any chances.

    denise_22315 at yahoo dot com

  17. denise says:

    I am the one in my house against it. I think my husband thinks I am crazy. :)

    denise_22315 at yahoo dot com

  18. denise says:

    Top five second rules are silverware, chips, crackers, cookies, and candy

    denise_22315 at yahoo dot com

  19. denise says:

    I definitely do not have her parenting style. I am crazy about fighting germs.

    denise_22315 at yahoo dot com

  20. denise says:

    My funniest story was when the boys were babies. I was out to eat with my husband and a pacifier fell on the floor. My husband picked it up, put it in his mouth, and tried to give it back to one of my boys. (Apparently, he had seen another Mom do this.) Anyway, the look of death must have come over me because the pacifier never made it back into my sons mouth.

    denise_22315 at yahoo dot com

  21. Beth says:

    Absolutely. The 5-second rule stands, except in the grossest of circumstances. But that does mean the floor has to get cleaned at least once in awhile…

  22. gina says:

    My husband follows the 5 sec rule with anything!

  23. gina says:

    I do not follow the 5 sec rule. I think that it is disgusting. Unfortunately, my husband is the most likely to follow it (and actually does).

  24. Patti Bright says:

    My son Garrett is a big fan of the 5 second rule…when it comes to candy…it could be a lot longer than 5 seconds…nothing phases him.

  25. Patti Bright says:

    I am totally against the five second rule, if anything touches the floor it goes in the trash…I don’t even wash things off

  26. Patti Bright says:

    Not necessarily a funny story, but a story all the same…my husband was very pro 5 second rules…often when he barbequed if he dropped something it was thrown back on the grill…I would flip out…this actually could have been a major factor in the fact we arn’t together anymore :)

  27. Patti Bright says:

    top 5

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