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My Most Magical Christmas

My most magical Christmas was when I was 4 years old. All I wanted for Christmas that year was a teddy bear, and it HAD to be blue, because blue is my favorite color. I had never ever seen a blue teddy bear, they were all brown, white, tan, or black.

I remember sitting on the mall Santa’s lap and telling him that was all I wanted & he said, “well, I’ll see what I can do”. I remember that night as I said my prayers I prayed for everyone in my family, as I usually would, and I also prayed for Santa Claus to have a safe trip around the World delivering his presents. And that when Santa came to my house I prayed he would try real hard to bring me a blue teddy bear.

When I awoke in the morning, I walked out into our living room and sure enough under the Christmas Tree was a huge light blue teddy bear. I remember running over and grabbing it and hugging it and I knew just what I was going to name him, Blueberry. I was so happy I don’t know if I ever put Blueberry down the whole day.

I know every night after that Blueberry slept in my bed with me every night. I will be 40 this year and I still have Blueberry. He helped me through so much in my life. I would tell him my secrets, I’d cry on him, I’d talk to him when I was mad, and it always made me feel so much better. I think everyone should have a Blueberry.

My mom joked with me when I got older and dated and then married that Blueberry would be in my husband and my bed!

I’m married now, and even though sometimes throughout my marriage, I may have rather slept with Blueberry over my husband, Blueberry has a nice spot on my shelf in my closet. Funny thing is Blueberry isn’t as big anymore, cause he used to be bigger than me and that’s not the case anymore :)

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“It’s A Hard Knock Life” – “Annie”  is Showing at Benedum Center – Pittsburgh Now!

“It’s A Hard Knock Life” – “Annie” is Showing at Benedum Center – Pittsburgh Now!

When I was in Elementary school I remember when there was this great new movie coming to theatres simply called, “Annie”. I had always wanted to go see the movie, but growing up, we never had money to go to the movies very often. So, I eagerly waited until it came out on either televisionContinue Reading

Where Is Flight MH370? – My Theories  #MH370

Where Is Flight MH370? – My Theories #MH370

It has been 14 days now since Flight MH370 has disappeared, gone, off radar, with no trace, or hardly any trace of where it might be. It is a harrowing ordeal for the families involved, and quite scary for everyone else. As families wait for answers, and as the governments seek the jet’s whereabouts thereContinue Reading



I know I am very late on this post, but I had to take a long time to think about what my word for this year would be. I finally came up with the one that fits me for 2014. PERSEVERANCE.  The past few years have been extremely hard for me. I kept trying toContinue Reading

Your Invited – #ShapeofBeauty Twitter Party  #Ad

Your Invited – #ShapeofBeauty Twitter Party #Ad

Disclosure –  I am being compensated by The Motherhood for being a co-host for this Twitter Party. All Opinions are my own. mwrwcVU71E644q69BE0iNKHfgsU6xm Curvy isn’t a shape– it’s an attitude! “Don’t wear white after Labor Day.” “Stay away from horizontal stripes.” “Don’t mix black and navy.” Do these sound familiar? Chances are you’ve been told at leastContinue Reading

Heartfelt Advice To New Mothers And Fathers From A Seasoned Mother Of Four

Upset over a cranky baby, toddler, or child; feel like you don’t have 1 minute to yourself? Can’t get anything done around the house – Welcome (AGAIN) to motherhood!!! This too shall pass!! don’t worry one day when they are teens and never want to be around or go away to college or the military,Continue Reading

Champions For Kids Spinbrush Twitter Party Thurs. July 19th From 1pm – 2 EST. RSVP Here: #SpinbrushCFK

Are you all ready to party again? This time we are working with Champions For Kids & Spinbrush to help spread the word on Oral Health Care in your community. We will be chatting about how you can make a difference in your community for oral health needs. Let’s face it, not everyone has orContinue Reading

RSVP Here For The International Delight at Sam’s Club Twitter Party June 26th From 2-3 PM EST. #IcedDelight

Does a nice cold glass of Mocha iced coffee from Sam’s Club sound good to you right about now? If it does, you are in the right place! Summer is a great time to enjoy iced coffee. So, how would you like to join us for a Twitter party all about International Delight’s Iced CoffeeContinue Reading

eBay Seller Information Page @eBay @eBayinkblog #eBayparent

eBay Seller Information Page @eBay @eBayinkblog #eBayparent

Whether you are new to eBay or a seasoned seller, everyone need’s a refresher sometimes. The best place to go on eBay for this is the Seller Information Page. This page always has the top news for sellers. It also provides you with tools such as Selling Basics, Accepting Payments, Shipping Basics, and other tipsContinue Reading

Beach Ball Fun on Facebook With LXR Luxury Resorts & Hotels

Beach Ball Fun on Facebook With LXR Luxury Resorts & Hotels

With summer on the horizon, LXR Luxury Resorts & Hotels is bringing a unique and entertaining interactive game to Facebook. The Vacation Escapes Beach Ball Bonanza gives fans an opportunity to enter for their chance to win a two-night complimentary stay with special amenities at 11 participating LXR properties. To play the game, visit Reading

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