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Recycle and Create a Sealed Bag

Recycle and Create a Sealed Bag

How to seal a bag and make it air-tight!

Cut up a disposable water bottle and keep the neck and top,

as in photo.

Insert the plastic bag through the neck and screw the top – to seal.

The bottle is made to be air-tight, such that water will not leak,
the secret lies with the top and screw!
This is a great idea to share. Good for us and the environment too.

Happy Earth Day!
Shared by: The Plus Size Mommy is a online marketplace and childrens boutique. It is a one stop place to shop for children ages 0 – 5 years. From precious clothing to toys. It has everything you need. There are feeding products, baby gear, bath and skin care, and also nursing supplies, furniture, and shoes! Currently they have a holidayContinue Reading

Fun Experimenting With Elmer’s MythBusters Science Kits

Most of you have heard about the Discovery Channel’s series MythBusters, well now your children can explore urband legends on their own, with Elmer’s MythBuster Science kits. Right in your own home your kids will have a fun time exploring hands on through trial and error if the myths are true or a bust. TheContinue Reading

Unique Teacher Gifts – Glass Atlas

Well, School is most likely back in session for your children and the holidays are right around the corner. I like to try and get some gifts bought and taken care of before the huge holiday rush. This year I have a great idea for a teacher gift that I would love to share. Actually,Continue Reading

Taking You Back To Where I Was 9/11/2001

9/11/2001 – Me sitting at work at a child care center. My co-worker is across the hall listening to her radio, yells over, Beth go turn on the TV in the break room, something bad is going on. My children were upstairs in the daycare, my husband at work. I went to the break roomContinue Reading

Eco-conscious Cleaning Products From Staples – Sustainable Earth

Staples has recently introduced a new line of cleaning products called “Sustainable Earth“. There are 2 products in this line to help you “clean green” an all-purpose cleaner and a glass cleaner. You can purchase them in either 32 oz. spray bottles or a 1 gallon refill. These products are designed for the environment andContinue Reading

P & G Home Away From Home @ #Blogher

As many of you know I attended the Blogher 2010 conference a couple weeks ago in New York City. While I was there, I got the chance to tour a replica house that was sponsored by P & G. It was called the “Home Away From Home”. It was a great experience. I love manyContinue Reading

There Is More To Sending Kids Back To School Than With Just Pencils & Notebooks; You Have To Help Keep The Germs Away Too & WIN

With nearly 22 million school days lost each year due to the common cold and flu (CDC) and as many as 2.7 million bacterial found per square inch on common school surfaces (NSF International), it´s no wonder that 82 percent of parents with kids in grades K-5 fret about the germs in their children´s classroomsContinue Reading

Winners Post For Cascadian Farms & Penguins Of Madagascar

Congratulations go out to the following 2 people for winning 2 of my giveaways : Cascadian Farms = winner is :  Trish@Iamsucceeding  congrats ! Penguins Of Madagascar = winner is : Erin Casey  congrats! To claim your prize packs, please email me at  with “winner” in the subject line. You have 48 hours toContinue Reading

Sustainability FAQ’s For Kleenex Hand Towels

A few months ago I had posted about the New Kleenex Hand Towels. Since then a lot of questions have come up regarding their sustainability. So they sent me over a FAQ sheet to share with all of you 1.       Does Kimberly-Clark have sustainability standards? Kimberly-Clark has long recognized the importance of corporateContinue Reading

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