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Ahhh, Finally The Fresh Scents Of Spring By Using Febreze  #FebrezeSpring @SheSpeaksUp (Spon.)

Ahhh, Finally The Fresh Scents Of Spring By Using Febreze #FebrezeSpring @SheSpeaksUp (Spon.)

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I remember growing up and playing outside in the springtime. I could never wait til winter was over and warmer weather came back. I remember loving to watch the new buds on our apple tree’s and dogwood trees. The winter snow melted, but everywhere still looked white with all of the new white buds everywhere. I had a short walk from our house to my school bus stop. I loved that short walk in the springtime. The fresh scents of spring everywhere. From flowers to berries it was always a smell like no other. Even on rainy spring days, smelling the rain, and sometimes the fresh cut grass were also scents I can remember making my little nose happy. Even now as an adult, when driving with my windows down, I can smell the fresh flowery scent. It is like no other, until now!


Febreze has captured those succulent scents and bottled them up so we can spray spring inside our homes and vehicles anytime. From the fresh #FebrezeSpring car clips, that clip right into your cars vents, to air fresheners you can put all around your home, to the plug-ins that go right into your outlets, and finally the spray. Now anywhere you want to smell those memorable scents of spring you can. They are great for bathrooms to keep them smelling fresh. And near your garbage cans in your kitchen, where smells may need controlled. In your automobile, that may need freshened up. Or you can be like me and have a spray bottle in rooms all over the house, just in case something needs to smell better quickly (like when my son comes home with smelly, sweaty track clothes) They are great to keep handy. I also have a standing freshener in each bathroom. I plug-in them in each hallway of my home. I use the car clips in each vehicle. Everywhere I go I can be reminded of the smells from those childhood walks to and from my school bus. The smells make me happy and I get a huge smile on my face when someone comes to my home and comments on how great it smells. Or when I pick up anyone in my van and they tell me how fresh my van smells.


They usually ask me what I use and what scents are available. I love telling everyone about them, and showing them how easy they are to use. Many times I have used Febreze products in a gift bag for a present. They make wonderful housewarming party gifts. They are something that everyone can use, even for bachelor pads, dorm rooms, teenagers to freshen up their first cars, new moms love them to use in their babies nurseries to help with diaper changing odors, and Aerobics or weightlifting coaches love them to help with the sweaty smells in their gyms and locker rooms.


While working with #SheSpeaks (@SheSpeaksUp) I was sent a Febreze Spring Scent Blogger Kit. I was pleasantly excited at all of the scents in their new limited edition spring collection. My kit included Sweet Pea and Rain scented products. I love the Sweet Pea scent. The Rain scent, in my opinion, smells more masculine- My husband loves it. It is the scent of our car clips. I also was sent this awesome Febreze scratch n sniff book. It includes all of the Spring scents that are offered, which are, Febreze Rain, Febreze Wildflower, Febreze Nectar (My absolute favorite), and Febreze Sweet Pea Petals. I was also sent a $15 gift card to use at #Walmart to purchase more blooming spring scents from the new spring collection for my home. 

If you would like to bring home spring memories home in a bottle to freshen up your home, hurry to your closest Walmart and pick up your favorite, limited edition, Febreze scents today before they are gone! To learn more, you will also want to follow Febreze on Facebook to keep up with all the newest and greatest products that they offer. And also don’t forget to follow Febreze on Twitter as well!

Full Disclosure- This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Febreze. I have been compensated with Febreze products and also a $15 gift card to Walmart for participating in this Spring campaign.

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Honey Bunches Of Oats Greek – Blogger Giveaway ~ WIN a Jambox Smart Speaker (and More) & Anyone Can Win $500 Visa GC  #bunchofbeats

Honey Bunches Of Oats Greek – Blogger Giveaway ~ WIN a Jambox Smart Speaker (and More) & Anyone Can Win $500 Visa GC #bunchofbeats

Full Disclosure – I am being compensated by Honey Bunches of Oats for running this giveaway. All thoughts, feelings, idea’s are 100% my own. The prizes from the 2 different giveaways are also being provided by Honey Bunches of Oats. The giveaway I am holding is being sent by me. If you Win a $500 weekly entry prize by submitting your 15 sec. video’s directly to the Bunch of Beats micro site, that will come directly from Honey Bunches of Oats, as they are choosing those winners.
In order to Win my prize pack, you MUST be a Blogger and complete all mandatory steps in order to win. You must also live in the US or DC & be 18 years old or older.
The JAMBOX by JAWBONE that I am sending out, has been opened so I could take pictures of it, but it is Brand new and comes with the paperwork, wires, and mat for the speaker.
I will not be liable for any broken or missing prizes. I will ship via USPS with a tracking code that I will provide to the winner.Continue Reading

Your Invited – #ShapeofBeauty Twitter Party  #Ad

Your Invited – #ShapeofBeauty Twitter Party #Ad

Disclosure –  I am being compensated by The Motherhood for being a co-host for this Twitter Party. All Opinions are my own. mwrwcVU71E644q69BE0iNKHfgsU6xm Curvy isn’t a shape– it’s an attitude! “Don’t wear white after Labor Day.” “Stay away from horizontal stripes.” “Don’t mix black and navy.” Do these sound familiar? Chances are you’ve been told at leastContinue Reading

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eBay Seller Information Page @eBay @eBayinkblog #eBayparent

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Tips For Springtime Selling On eBay  @eBay @eBayinkblog #eBayparent

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Winner Of Mother’s Day Bash of Prizes from KMR !!

Winner Of Mother’s Day Bash of Prizes from KMR !!

Congrats to:Continue Reading

Celebrate Earth Day with Eco-friendly Wines

Celebrate Earth Day with Eco-friendly Wines

Earth Day 2012 will be celebrated on April 22nd. Are you ready to go green? This year more Americans than ever will re-examine how their lifestyles and choices impact the environment. Global warming, greenhouse gases and carbon footprint have become household terms, and today it seems that everyone is working on ways to be green!Continue Reading

Mother’s Day Bash Of Prize’s ($200+ value) From KMR

Mother’s Day Bash Of Prize’s ($200+ value) From KMR

I am happy to offer my readers a chance to win a grand prize pack that includes the following products for a special Mother on Mother’s Day : will provide winner with 1 item of their choice, valued under $25, from the 2012 Collection or Bohemian Gypsy Skirt Collection available at About BombayFashions.comContinue ReadingContinue Reading

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