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Do You Have A Fijit Friend ?   @MomCentral

Do You Have A Fijit Friend ? @MomCentral

I was so excited when I got the email from Mom Central  letting me know I was chosen to host a Mattel Fijit Friends Playdate Premier Party! I knew my girls would absolutely LOVE these adorable little Fijit’s.

To help me with the party, Mom Central sent us 2 Fijit Friends, A Fijit Friend Branded Flip camera, a Dance Party CD, Fijit Friends custom headbands, feather boas, a microphone, bracelets, necklaces, sunglasses, and rings. The 2 Fijit Friends we received are Willa (purple) and Sage (green).

With my daughter’s 3rd birthday coming up, I used that as an awesome opportunity to have her friends over and Show everyone what a Fijit Friend is and party with all of the neat stuff they sent me.
So, I invited about 12 of her little friends over and was getting everything in order for her party. I ordered the cake, and had snacks, and drinks, and decorated. To my sadness, even after 8 of her friends RSVP’ed none of them showed up :( I felt really bad because she was really looking forward to having them over for her party.

But I tried to continue on with the party, and make the best of it. We ate a picnic lunch, and the kids played and danced. Then we sang happy birthday and sang to her, and then it was time for the presents.

As she was unwrapping her presents, it was time for me to give her mine (The Fijit Friend, her name was Willa, she is purple and that’s my daughter’s favorite color). She unwrapped it and was so excited. She didn’t know what it was or what it did, but she immediately pushed it’s tummy and it talked to her. She LOVES it. It couldn’t be a better present for her.


Your kids will love the Fijit Friends, the only interactive robotic BFFs who dance, recognize your voice, and tell funny jokes! Poke ‘em, squeeze ‘em, or turn ‘em into dancing machines.

Willa is ready to rock to your child’s favorite music, and will perform different dance moves to different types of music.

  • Fijit Friends are dancing machines that rock out to your favorite tunes
  • Performs different dances moves to different types of songs
  • Recognizes your voice and tells silly jokes
  • Each sold separately

I created a video collage to show her party and how much fun the girls had dancing and talking to Willa. (My girls are 5 and now 3 ;) )

I am sorry to say, My video didn’t work out as well as I had hoped. It seems somehow when I was taking the video, it didn’t take right, and left some area’s black. But I still used them in my collage because you can still my children and I interacting with Willa.

Willa loves to play, dance, and tell jokes. My daughter loves it when Willa “Kisses” her. I totally recommend a Fijit Friend for your child. It is unique and very fun. Fijit Friends are great dancers, so be sure to take them to your next party! Even adults get a kick out of Fijit Friends. I think this is fun for ages 3 -100! The recommendation is for age 6 and up (From Mattel) but I think under supervision younger kids will love them as well. My 3 yr. old sure does.

From now until Aug. 31 , you can order your own Fijit Friend from Mattel. And I have a wonderful code to share with you. Use FIGITBL during check – out and you will get FREE shipping! Start thinking about the holidays and birthdays folks, cause Fijit Friends are bound to be a popular item this season. So get one today, and get the FREE shipping too!

The site where you go to make your purchase is : You are also able to get more info. on Fijit Friends there, and you are able to view all of the Friends. You are also able to view other Mattel toys, so you can start getting your Holiday gift list ready.

Happy Dancing!

The Plus Size Mommy

Disclosure – I was sent a gift package from Mom Central to help me with my Fijit Friends Home Party Playdate. I was also sent 2 Fijit Friends. All opions of these products are strictly my own, and may differ from person to person.

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