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Beyblade: Metal Fusion Vol. 3

Beyblade: Metal Fusion Vol. 3

The fearless hero and his loyal companions return to defend the honor of the Beyblade, spinning on to DVD March 1 from Nelvana Enterprises and Vivendi Entertainment.

The battle between good and evil is even more intense and dangerous than ever as Gingka, the courageous hero, faces a villain and his plot to unleash a long forbidden Beyblade in his quest to take over the world.

My Review : My son’s favorite episode was “The Green Hades”, because the arena was cool, and was huge and made by a meteor. And his favorite Beyblade is Rock Aries. He really enjoyed this movie.

Beyblade is a game where kids can battle their Beyblade’s against each other. There is a Battle Arena you can get to play in. Beyblade’s remind me of a spinning top. They battle by spinning around and whichever one falls first loses. It is a really great game and the Beyblade movies are great too.
I would say this would be for kids ages 7 – 12. (my opinion). This DVD ranges in price, depending on where you buy it. It can be around $15 – $10. You can read more and purchase this movie at Amazon.

Happy Playing!

The Plus Size Mommy

Disclosure- I was sent a copy of this DVD for review. All opinions and idea’s are 100% my own.

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