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The Bloggers Went Over The Mountain…To Get To #TypeAMom #ChevyPA

Yesterday was a dim day but ended up with a light at the end of my tunnel. Yesterday I was all packed and ready to get up and goto #TypeAMom Conference when I was awakened abruptly by my 13 yr. old son who was doubled over in pain with horrible stomach pains. I had an hour until my ride was coming to get me. But at the same time, I knew I should take him to go get checked by a Doctor. I was worried it was his appendix or something. He was crying in pain,”Mommy do something, Mommy, don’t you have anything to stop the pain?” It was heart wrenching. So, I told him I will skip my trip and take you to the ER. With my family, My family ALWAYS comes first.

So we hopped in the car at 8 am and I drove him the 20 minutes to the hospital ER. Upon arriving at the ER, I noticed they were remodeling it, so there was smells of paint fumes, and loud jack hammer type noises, and faux walls put up. The parking lot was packed. I had lost all glimmer of hope to get my ride to North Carolina. So, I called my one friend (@craftymamaof4) who I was riding with. Four of us were going to go in a Chevy Traverse, which I was also so excited about. I told her, I would not be able to go, but I had to stay with my son. She was sad, but said, it’s okay…

So, I signed my son in and headed to the waiting room.

Finally after about a half of an hour, we got called to triage. The place where they screen you before you go back to the exam rooms. It was a good thing his appendix wasn’t about to erupt or something, cause, it took a HALF HOUR!

After triage, we were then shuffled back to an exam room. They got my son comfortable (as he could possibly be in such pain, which he rated a 7 out of 10 in intensity). It was cold there, the lights were bright, and it was very busy. Also, you could still hear the pounding of workers on the other side of those faux walls.

We waited, and waited, and waited. While waiting… My friend text messaged me and said the trip was delayed, because her car wouldn’t start! The car we were going to ride in over to meet up with the 2 other friends with the Traverse! I was starting to see a little sparkle of hope… maybe if I could get these people to test my son, tell me what was wrong, and I could either get him to a place where he was okay for me to leave, or if they sent him home with some meds. I may still have a slim chance to go to my conference.

Of course, if they were gonna have to do surgery or something major, I would tell my friends I still couldn’t go and leave him and to go on without me.

So, finally a Doctor came in and examined him. She pressed and prodded on his tummy, and asked him where it hurt.. The she ordered some blood work tests, and an x-ray.

So, we waited more… I was so tired and hungry by this point, and wanted to scream…

So the “vampire” of the hospital came in and took some blood. Then he was sent on to the X-ray area. The X-ray people were pretty efficient and quick. We were back in his room in no time.

I felt so badly that he was in such pain, and there was nothing I could do to help him. It was like I was helpless. So, I just kept talking to him, and trying to get his mind off of the pain. We watched some TV and he rested (or tried to).

Then we had to get moved because the room he was in had a monitor in it for your heart, and he didn’t really need that, but another patient did, so they moved us to a room at the end of the hall, where the noisy construction workers were even louder and the paint smell was even more intense. (Not a very great place to be and not conducive at all for a person in pain that is trying to relax and rest.

Not to mention, I wasn’t even the patient, and I was getting sick and a migraine over it…

So, finally the test results came back. His enzymes in his pancreas were a little elevated, but not enough that they thought he has pancreatic and he had bowel backed up in his intestines. So they told him to drink a ton of water, gave him some mild laxatives, and told him to get a ton of rest.

Around the same time, my phone started to die. But the last text I got from my friend was that they decided to give me some more time and they went to have lunch. (how awesome of friends are they? to postpone the whole trip to wait so hopefully I could still go!) So, we had to wait for him to be discharged, and then I hurriedly went home. I told my mom (who is watching them while I am away) about the prescription and what the doctor said to do, and what to look for in case he would get worse. Kissed everyone good-bye, and proceeded to take my luggage out to the front lawn to wait for my friends.

They finally called me and said they were on their way. I was finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of darkness. I was going to make my trip after all!

So the shiny maroon Chevy Traverse pulled up in front of the house, and we got my luggage into it, and headed on the road to the Type A Mom conference in Asheville, NC !!! It was an 8 hour trip, which ended up being a little longer, so we could stop and eat, and such. We drove through the beautiful mountains, and with such great company, it didn’t feel like a long trip at all. We had great conversations, and looked at the beauty of the mountains around us, and then the sunset, and eventually the moon.

Our ears popped as we went up and down the PA, WV, TN, and NC mountains. We even got the chance to use the OnStar program in the Chevy Traverse when we noticed we were almost out of gas! lol

It was such a smooth sailing trip, once we got out of the dock of Pittsburgh…We didn’t even remember about gas until we were on “E”, lol

Here is a clip of us talking to the OnStar lady…

It was a neat experience.

So, we are finally here, in our Hotel and getting ready for the conference to start. I have already called home and checked on everyone, and all is okay. I am just so thankful for my friends,(@craftymamaof4, @Marybabysteps, and @cararolinson) and my family for making this trip possible. We had many obstacles and Mountains to climb, literally, but we made it!

The Plus Size Mommy

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