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“It’s A Hard Knock Life” – “Annie”  is Showing at Benedum Center – Pittsburgh Now!

“It’s A Hard Knock Life” – “Annie” is Showing at Benedum Center – Pittsburgh Now!

When I was in Elementary school I remember when there was this great new movie coming to theatres simply called, “Annie”.


I had always wanted to go see the movie, but growing up, we never had money to go to the movies very often. So, I eagerly waited until it came out on either television or VCR tape. By the time either of these things happened all of the hype about the movie would be over. My friends were already telling me about the movie about this little red headed girl in the red dress and her little dog named Sandy.

They had all of the toys and books about “Annie” and so I would have fun when I went to their house playing with them.

Once “Annie” did come to where I could be able to see it, I had totally forgot about it. I’m sure there was already something else wonderful already out by then.

It ended up that I never did get to see the movie of “Annie” until I was an older teen or adult. I did enjoy the movie, the songs, and the cute little red headed orphan.

Fast forward to now and I recently had an opportunity  to go see, “Annie” -live and on stage at the Benedum Center here in Pittsburgh. This time I would be one of the very first audiences to get to see it! I jumped on the offer, and I’m so thrilled I did. I was able to take my two little girls to go see it. We made it a “girls night out”. We went to dinner and then downtown to Pittsburgh’s Cultural District.



Ticket Info.

Benedum Center
PNC Broadway Across America – Pittsburgh

October 28, 2014 – November 2, 2014

My girls had been to the Benedum Center before but it was a while before getting asked to go again. The girls were memorized at how pretty the chandlers are and how grand the staircases are. I talked with them on the way there about etiquette when you goto a fancy theatre.

We went in and found our seats and waited for the play to begin. My girls (and myself) were swallowed into the play from start until the intermission. Then again from intermission through til the end!

It was fantastic. It was lively. The songs were just as I remembered. The hilariously mean Mrs. Haversham was great, she kept the crowd entertained with her zany antics and funny dancing. The orphans were perfection in their singing and dancing. Annie was superb, definitely the star of the show. Daddy Warbucks was the stearn businessman who ended up falling in love with witty Annie. Even Sandy, Annies dog, making a cameo apperance.

It was all I could’ve wanted in the play, and even much more! Some of the scenes were tweaked, which was a delightful surprise to me. They added in some surprise characters that I don’t believe we’re in the movie version. I don’t want to spoil the show for others who will still be going to the show. I assure you, you will be pleasantly surprised by some of the changes as well.

I am so happy, and feel so honored to be one of the first audiences in Pittsburgh to have gotten to go to see this play. I highly recommend it to other families to go see it as well.There are plenty other plays coming to Pittsburgh too. Including a childrens series.



Tickets are still available and can be bought online or at the box office. I do suggest to buy them ahead for best choices.

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Disclosure – I was asked to go to the media showing of “Annie” by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. My tickets to the play were complimentary to enable me to see the play and conduct a honest review of the show.





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