As of 3/5/2011 Here are my updated Rates & Info. for 2011…

Product Reviews – There is generally NO CHARGE for product reviews as long as a full sized product is supplied. Because I cannot give an honest review without actually having used the product. My readers trust that I give an honest review whether good or bad. I am a “I Blog With Integrity” Blogger.

Giveaways – We run our giveaways within the posts. Winners are announced in a separate winners post. Once winners claim their prize, we then send over all winner info. to the company at that time. If there is more than 1 winner, we will wait til all winners respond and claim their prize and send them all over at once. I give winners 48 hours to email me their info.. After that I have the right to choose another winner. If after 2 winners for the same product are picked and announced, and then no one responds within the 48 hour periods, then I reserve the right to not run the giveaway again, or to send the item to someone who I know needs it, or to a charity as a donation.

Reach of posts : All posts are Tweeted on Twitter, at least 3 times, and also are put on FB on 2 pages (at least). (Stats Below)

GIFT GUIDE – I run an all year round Gift Guide on my blog. This is because just doing one for a particular holiday just isn’t enough! Kids have birthday parties, people have weddings, anniversaries, all kinds of events all year long, so I like to have a place all year with new and great products that I will include in my Gift Guide. There will be no charge to be featured in my Gift Guide as long as you send a full size product for me to review, AND at least 1 for me to use as a giveaway.
If you cannot give one for a giveaway, but still want to be included in our Gift Guide, then I will require a Fee of $30.

Website Review – $50-$150 – depending upon the depth of the review. – We can discuss and negotiate a price.

>Review including a video (at least 1 minute long, usually longer) – $125
* Please note these types of reviews will take longer to post due to the work needed for the post.

Product Advertorial (without product) –

* product ARV $100 or under – Fee $50
* product ARV $100-$300 – Fee $175
* product ARV over $300 – Fee $250

Press Releases – $50

ADVERTISING ON The Plus Size Mommy
Prices quoted are our MONTHLY RATES
6 Months pre-paid advertising for the price of 5 (1 month free)
12 Months pre-paid advertising for the price of 10 (2 months free).


* Text Links – $30
* 125×125 Button (below the fold) – $40
* 300×250 – (above the fold) – $75
* 300×155 – (above the fold) – $60

Ad in Each Post : This appears at the end of every post. It is usually a 486 x 60 banner ad.
$100 per month.

Charities/Causes – I will do posts to promote Charities I believe in or for different Causes at NO CHARGE.

Twitter Parties – $300

Printable Coupon within a post, – $45
in the sidebar – $30

Holding an in-home live party to promote your products- we require enough products for the guests, Information about the Product, Price sheet which includes the cost of the product retail, and a Door Prize to be chosen at the party. What I will include in return is a video of the party within the blog post about the product. I usually have at least 10 people at the party. And I usually invite up to 20. (FREE)
If you would like me to hold a bigger party than that, I will need to charge $75 in order to rent a space to hold the party and to put towards refreshments and tableware.

Contact: plussizemommy(at)gmail(dot)com for further information.

Our Requirements:

Full Sized Products are required for reviews (in order to use the product LONG ENOUGH to insure a fair and honest review).


We book our reviews approximately 2-3 months in advance (unless otherwise agreed upon).

Shipping costs of review products and giveaways are the responsibility of the sponsor.

I will not be responsible for lost or broken items sent to myself or winners, It will be up to the individual company to replace (or not) the items.

*We also have an Expert Panel (see “about us” page) that help us with reviews*

When asking for a review, please make sure to let us know which reviewer you would like to do the review. Or if you would like a child to review the item ie: toys we have different aged children available to preform reviews. We also have Bella (Chihuahua) our dog reviewer, and we have Simba, Bobby Head, and Mr. Gray for Kitty reviews. We also have some other animals (larger dogs) for pet reviews, JUST ASK ;)

Current Stats as of 8/26/2011

Alexa Rating : 291,519

Twitter Followers : 8,395… But a potential of 59,000 + views on Twitter! We have collaborated a group of women who are helping each other by posting to their Twitter streams.

Monthly Unique Visitors : 5500

Monthly Pageviews : 8860

Subscribers : 400

Avg. Time people stay to read on my site : 1min. 55 sec.

Google Page Rank : 3

Facebook Friends (a combined total from 2 FB pages which posts go onto both) : 2349

I can be contacted via email, skype, and by phone.